Time to bloom

College are the prime years for anyone to find their sexual selves. Through these four, or five years, most students finally become more confident and comfortable with their sexuality.

Red tulip. Photo by Alyson Facha

“I think it’s important to be comfortable with your sexuality because it’s a part of who you are, and there is no reason to be ashamed of any part of who you are. That includes your sexuality,” said Jordan Saylor, a first-year English major.

Robert Macias, a first-year mechanical engineering major, talks about being comfortable with sexuality on a more serious level.

“Well first off it’s important to be comfortable with your sexuality because it’s another stage with becoming more comfortable with yourself as a person. It allows you to set limits, if any, for yourself and hopefully prevent any more rape to occur,” Macias said.

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What up sexy?

What makes someone sexy?

Some people may say being toned and in shape. Others may say full lips and long hair on women make them more attractive. Women may say that men with a swimmers body is the ultimate attractive male. But can we look beyond a physical appearance for what makes someone sexy?

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Sexual assault seems to be going viral at Cal Poly

Cops have no comment, Housing can’t discuss it, but Cal Poly students need to talk about it!

Jason Banich, a fourth-year computer engineering major, told me a quote he found in an article on the topic the other day, “‘Guys, stop preying on and raping unconscious drunk females. Females, stop drinking yourselves into oblivion. Be proactive in your own safety.'”

Screen capture of Sig Ep from KSBY video story at ksby.com

Recently, emails have become viral on girls being sexually assaulted at Poly Canyon Village and at a Sigma Phi Epsilon party, also known as Sig Ep. Three in one week is quite shocking when University Police have only reported 11 throughout the school year in 2005. But it is known that most sexual assaults go unreported.

“People seem so shocked by the current reported assaults, they need to realize this happens way more often than whats reported. Just because these are the only reported rapes in a long while doesn’t mean that they haven’t been happening,” said Banich.

Allison O’Neill, a first-year graphic design major, added her thoughts to the situation, “at first I was just surprised and confused as to why this was all happening at once, but after getting more information and discussing it with everyone I realize that this kind of stuff actually does happen all the time and the victims are finally feeling confident enough to report it. We should commend them for that.”

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Is one the loneliest number?


broken heart...

can be...

mended...photos by Alyson Facha

“Being single has its pluses because you’re free to focus your time on other valuable things in your life, especially in college when you’re still figuring out who you are,” said Ana Pereira, a first-year history major.

Besides just trying to figure out who you are, being single does a number of other great things.

“Being single allows you to focus more on your goals for school, life, family, and your own personal needs. Often times being in a relationship adds another topic in the mix to balance, which isn’t always the easiest thing,” says Rachael Haacke, a third-year landscape major.

Just worrying about one person is great. But are there any downsides?

“I think every situation is what you make of it, and if you have great friends and live in the moment then being in a relationship isn’t necessarily a necessity,” said Haacke.

No one should be depressed, or sad about being single.

“If you realize that it will happen when it happens, when it is right, then there is no sense in being depressed about not being in a relationship,” Haacke said.

Life is what you make it. There is nothing wrong with being single, and nothing wrong with being in a relationship. Everyone is different. Some are better riding solo, and some just prefer to have a special someone.

Erica Derrico, a first-year journalism major, talks about her long distance relationship with boyfriend Billy Brightenburg. They have been together for four years!

“Not to sound cheesy but, Billy is really my everything. He’s not just my boyfriend but, he’s my best friend,” she said.

They discussed how they make there relationship work between Erica living in SLO, and Billy living in Long Beach.

“Skype, Skype, Skype and Skype,” said Brightenburg.

But not every relationship is butterflies and rainbows all the time.

“Sometimes it is hard to see eye to eye on certain topics. That is always difficult because he’s stubborn and I’m stubborn so then it turns into a giant fight,” Derrico said.

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It’s all about you

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Everyone may say they’re not selfish. In all reality, everyone thinks about themselves from time to time, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!

“Personally, I love who I am, though I will admit like most I have my moments of questioning: why do I do this or that,” said Matt Kovacevich, a third-year landscape major.

Self image on Cal Poly’s campus is an important topic to most students.

“Self image is the basis of our existence and helps, or hinders, our everyday activities,” Kovacevich said.

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